Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a week/end!

Sorry it's been a week since I've posted, but when I get time with not only my husband, but also my sister and brother-in-law everything else gets put to the side. My sister Shanna and her hubby Scott came to visit last weekend and I was so happy! Scott had to take an exam for his pursuit to become a paramedic and they decided to make a little weekend trip. Friday was a taco and game night with the four of us plus our friends Ryan and Jai. Saturday, Shan and I hung out in downtown Franklin and discovered some amazing fried chicken. As in, we were wondering if someone had resurrected our grandmother and had her cooking in the back kind of good. Then we hung out with Ryan, Jai, and their roommate Raffi and his adorable doggy, Pico...

I have never met such a chill chihuahua! He needs to come talk to Foster, seriously. Then we went for sushi and the Birth of Impressionism exhibit in downtown Nashville. I've never had dessert sushi, but I will definitely be going back. Who knew banana, coconut and crab was delicious together?

Sunday we didn't do much. It's funny how good my family is at hanging out. There were some things we meant to do while they were in town, but poor Scott's test ended up being nearly 12 hours long! But it's okay, we had a good time just doing nothing. Shan and I even had a good time meeting another neighbor of mine. Finally met the lady that lives behind us, Mary Alice, and she is so cool! I'm pleasantly surprised by all the cool old people living around us.

Monday was a little lonely after Shan and Scott left. Ben and I spent the day running errands and furniture shopping (or scavenging to put it more accurately). I still haven't quite found a good junk store, so we spent the day hitting up thrift and antique stores. And finally we got to try out Pre to Post-Modern, a really cool vintage shop in Nashville that is mostly mid-century modern furniture and goodies. I'll have to go back to check out the clothes section when I don't have Ben with me. We finally got everything out of Ben's parents house, which means I'm scrambling to put it all in some sort of order.

Today I took Zoey for her second round of shots and she was GREAT! Everyone was so surprised she's already working with a leash and at how happy she was being at the vet. Which makes me a proud parent, but I'm also feeling guilty. It makes me wonder how different Foster would be if I had had more time to work with him when he was puppy, had more patience, and just knew more! Thank goodness for, it is super helpful if you have a puppy or dogs. You can sign up for emails, and I get an email every month explaining what I should be working on with Zoey. My only complaint would be it had nothing on leash training; I had to read through a few websites before I got any real answers. And I needed those answers, there's no way I can walk Foster and Zoey together right now with how much Foster pulls....oy vey.

So pretty busy around the house lately. I guess tonight I'll be getting some things done around here since Ben's out of town on business. Or I'll be catching up on all those Star Trek episodes I have on the DVR.

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