Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daffodils: Bed, Container, What?!

The past two days have been been beautiful and warmer, so all of us shut-ins have been out and about. I've been trying to spend this glorious reprieve from the snow wisely, but it's a little difficult when you don't know exactly what you're doing and you don't have the tools to do it. I cleaned out most of the gutters (what I could reach anyway, although I'm tempted to just climb onto the roof and try it that way next time), raked and bagged the backyard (and I'm not sure the city is still taking leaves, but guess I'll figure something out) and pondered about daffodils.

Photo by: cathrund
My dad works for a bulb-packaging plant and he brings truckloads of the unwanted bulbs at the end of a season home. And at "Christmas" I nabbed two boxes of daffodils and a couple of bags of gladiolas, but I'm not sure what to do with them. It was already technically too late to plant them when I got them, but I've read as long as they go through *a* frost they'll do fine. Now where to put them?
Photo by: sirpete(?)
I grew up with daffodil-lined driveways (not the one above!), which I love, but I've also heard they're a pain if you don't put them in a bed because you can't mow around them. I'll have to ask my mom how they had them along the driveway, I bet she weed-whacked around them...

Then there's the possibility of building a flowerbed around the huge maple in the backyard. Then I could use both kinds of bulbs. But would it make our tiny backyard look even smaller?

Photo by: Corstorphine House
Or there's always containers, and they would look nice on our little front portico...

Photo by: Doug Green
And we do have window boxes that need flowers...

Photo by: morganchele
Oh I don't know, there's just too many choices! All I know is I must have them. Somewhere. Maybe then Ben will stop harassing me about them. When Ben and I were first dating, he brought me a handful of daffodils once. Of course, being the bratty not-quite-twenty-year-old I was, I turned my nose up at them. I knew he had picked them out of my mother's flowers, and I wasn't wise enough to think it was cute. So now Ben gives me a hard time whenever I mention daffodils or if we even see some. I'm hoping having some around will help him forgive me for being such a brat   :-P

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