Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day, Part Deux

Yesterday and today have been snow days for us here in Franklin. Sunday night into Monday we got about 4" and it was snowing again this morning. Thank goodness Ben had the day off already or he would have been trying to get to work in this...

Call me a nerd, but I thoroughly enjoy knocking snow off cars! And see that trash can on the left? That's my first attempt at compost. (More on that later, and when it's warmer!)

A much better snow picture of the abode.

Ben attempting to show me how to sled. Sorta.

After my first decent run. We weren't very good at it; though, I'm not sure if it was us, the sled, or the road.

Ben trying his hand at it. (He put his hands up to make it look like he was going...haha)

My first really good snowman. Or snowwoman? I thought she looked like Lucy the hominid.

I love how snow makes anything look beautiful. Even the bags of recycling in the backyard look gorgeous with a few inches of snow on top!

Action shots!

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