Friday, January 21, 2011

Slight Storage Dilemma

I need two things. Well, today I feel I need two things: an entryway organizer/message center and jewelry storage. I think I've got the entryway figured out, I'm just waiting for Amazon to deliver the main component. But the jewelry storage...yikes! Please understand, I own a bajillion pieces of jewelry and maybe five of those pieces are actually nice. So what do I do with a lot of huge earrings and long, clunky necklaces? I wish I could just pin them up on the wall, but I couldn't subject my husband to waking up every morning looking at that much femininity. But I wouldn't mind displaying some of my collection. So here's some ideas running through my head (in pictures!):


There's the standard china in a drawer holding it all, which would allow me to display some pieces on the wall. But I don't have the dresser room and I can just imagine with my clumsy fingers it always being destroyed. Maybe they could be on a pretty serving tray? Meh.

via Apartment Therapy

I love this! Not that I would ever be able to find a vintage bolt and nut holder...

via Martha Stewart

And I love a cool bust for holding necklaces, buuut my necklaces tend to be too long for something like this. Keep trying...

via StyleHive

via Apartment Therapy

There's always the twig idea that's become popular and I kind of like it. Or the old accordian jewelry holder like my grandma has. Or random interesting hooks or knobs. Or, if I could find one, an old spool holder would be really cool! Guess I need to start looking out for things that might work when I'm hitting up the thrift stores.

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