Monday, November 1, 2010

This is progress?

It feels like work is going so slowly, but the mother-in-law and her contractor friend assured us that we are both: a) making a lot of progress and b) have the right attitude about the renovations. It's just frustrating seeing what needs to be done and not being able to do it all right then...sigh. Especially when we have no deadline for when to be done, sort of. Currently our little family (aka- Ben, me, and our dog and cat) are staying with Ben's parents in the converted room above their garage. Yeah, we're that stereotype. The living situation has been tense at times, of course. It's never a good idea to have four people living together who have grown accustomed to doing their own thing. And it's a really bad idea when two of those people are morning people and the other two are night owls.

Anyhoo, thankfully Ben, Diane and I all got to work on the house all day. So, the walls are mostly prepped for painting, the baseboards and shoe molding is primed, the game plan for the difficult things was outlined, more trim and molding was removed, some of the ugly paneling is gone, and most importantly and scary....

the mildew under the house was sprayed/bleached....

by this handsome fellow...

Greetings from the crawlspace!

Neither one of us was thrilled at the prospect of crawling under the house to spray the mildew down with bleach, but Ben was the braver of us and did it. (His concern was spiders, mine was my allergies and my irrational fear of the house falling on me.) But not without a LOT of cautious preparation. As I was tucking his Tyvek coveralls into his socks I wondered if we were overdoing it? Nahhh!

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