Thursday, November 11, 2010


Got the first coat of paint on the kitchen today and I'm having mixed feelings. Originally we had planned a light shade of gray for the entire kitchen and a darker shade to replace the yellow inside the cabinets until we find cabinet doors (or decide we like the open look). Now I'm pondering not doing the darker gray, or do we only do part of the inside darker gray? Do we do something different under the chair rail? The kitchen is a bit of a toughie, since I love the original cabinets that make up most of the room, and loathe the cheap additions that are along one wall. We know we will replace the cruddy ones someday, but with what? And we had decided to do a backsplash at some point just not soon, until today Diane comes to me with an offer I cannot refuse. She'll buy us a backsplash just so she doesn't have to paint that annoying strip of wall...okay!

Now what kind of backsplash? What color? How much do we get, since one side of the kitchen's fate hasn't been decided? I looooove subway tile and think it would go with the vibe of the house, just...what color? Diane thinks white, but I think that would be too much white. No: White, Gray, Red (unless we magically found something that worked and wouldn't tank our resale value), Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Pink, Purple. So that leaves: Blue (I would love aqua, but that's just my crazy taste talking) and Black. Sigh.

Thankfully I have Ben helping us out tomorrow, so maybe we'll have a living room color picked out and we'll look at some tile. Whatever we end up with, I'll love as long as it doesn't look like this:

Whoa, Mama!

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