Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Busy weekend, just not with the house...

The past few days have been extremely busy, but I like said, unfortunately that didn't mean I was busy working on the house. Friday and Saturday was the closing weekend of Wait Until Dark, the play I've been devoted a lot of time to since being cast in the lead in September. It was a wonderful show and I'm a little sad to see it go. Especially since I won't be in another show for a while, at least not until Christmas is over and done with. Friday brought with it parents-in-law and real parents. Saturday was spending the day with my parents and my youngest sister, then the last performance, then a cast party (with my best friends and husband being dragged along for the ride), showing off the house a couple of times, and finally hanging out with everyone at another friend's comic book shop until 3am. Oy! I was exhausted but so very happy after Saturday. Then Sunday came. My car died, my family left, and my stint of begging for rides began. And I didn't even get to help with strike and say good-bye to the cast and crew properly. Then Monday was another bestie and her new boyfriend visiting and homework.

House-wise: Not much happened while life took over for a few days. My mother-in-law has been working a lot by herself, which makes me feel guilty and caused a mini-breakdown. I honestly was feeling like things were going so fast (imagine that!) that they were getting beyond my control. The living room color was all wrong and I put my foot down about it and the paint finish of all the rooms. Diane and Ben had decided flat paint would hide most of the walls imperfections, and that's true, but it also reeks of apartment living. Ick. Unfortunately for Ben, I pulled my diva card and demanded satin finish, imperfections be damned! Come on people! It's a 50+ year house, it's going to have wonky walls and I'm okay with that.

Phew, okay that being over... the kitchen/dining room and master closet is now completely primed and sanded, the master has its first coat of paint, the dining room has the color cut on the edges, and the hallway is flat-out finished!

Now if we could just pick out a blue for the living room. How many light teals can there really be?!

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