Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello and Happy Halloween!

Finally! We closed on our house after a month and a half of minor hurdles. We signed all the paperwork Wednesday night, but technically closed Thursday, and we still haven't gotten the lockbox off the front door. Maybe tomorrow the "wonderful" listing agent will pick up her signs and give us the other key to the house?

Not that she's stopped us from doing any work. I've already taken the before photos (will have to post when I get home after the show), and we've already taken off all the baseboards, sanded most of them, and putty-ed the nail holes. I'm surprised that it took us a couple of days to do only that, but my mother-in-law insists we're making good progress. So I'll choose to believe it. This last month, we've been surrounded by people with shocked looks on their faces. Apparently, we really lucked out on our situation. Which is great to hear, but this is my husband and I's first house so we have no concept of how lucky we really are. But again I'll choose to believe them and count our blessings.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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