Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can we paint now?

I feel like a bored child stuck in the backseat of a cramped, hot car driving through the desert. No interesting work to be done, just more mudding and sanding, priming and sanding, discovering more boards....and sanding.

After my small paneling victory last night (the whole time not wearing any protection like a proper doofus), I spent most of the night coughing and sneezing. So I've learned my lesson about dust masks and respirators!

::holding right hand up::
"I solemnly swear from now on to not egg on my allergies and wear all kinds of protection when working with particulates."

Okay, so recap of what work was done today: baseboards and primed and sanded and ready for paint, almost walls are prepped (unless mother-in-law finds more spots, which is very likely), paneling is off and out of the house, wonky sink in the extra bathroom is fixed and is no longer leaking sewer gas into the house(!), and most of the paint has been picked out.

PS- I will now preach the virtues of getting paint samples to try on your walls. The only color I was positively in love with turned out to be a great color...just not in a house.

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