Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shopping Haul (Black Friday Edition)

Normally I don't bother with Black Friday, but this year I wasn't out of town and didn't have anything I had to do so I figured why not? Plus, there were things we actually needed and wanted. When we moved to Franklin from LA, we had already learned our lesson about cross-country moves and sold almost everything we owned. And now we're having to buy it all back: furniture, appliances, clothes for freezing temperatures, etc...

Having to sell most of what we own twice and move the rest has taught me a lot:
  1. It is amazing how much stuff we own! And a little sad when you think about it.
  2. There is no need for us to have so much stuff. We didn't even use half of it.
  3. I am a clothes-hoader.
  4. If you ever move cross-country, either sell everything that won't fit in your car or sell nothing and rent a uhaul. Either way, it's going to cost you at least $2500.
Okay, enough of that and on to the bragging!

The first huge deal I got was this sweet washer/dryer combo from Best Buy for $999. It was especially awesome because I didn't have to camp out in the sleet the night before to get them. Woke up around 6am, walked in, bought them in the appliances section, and went back to bed; the whole process took about 30 minutes. Yay!

Later in the day I went to Target and got this quilt for our master bedroom. I lurve the Dwell Studio stuff at Target! I know, I know gray and yellow are on their way out, but I have wanted this bedroom for about a year now so at the time it was trendy. Also got a coffeemaker and a crock-pot for $9 a pop! And, thank goodness, the clothes were on sale too. So I get Ben and I some clothes for these 30-degree nights we've seen lately.

And I finally got the white Christmas tree I've wanted for years (for $38, no less)! Unfortunately I had to go to Wal-Mart for it, since I couldn't find one anywhere else for less than $100. I would love to have a real tree in the house, but our animals are crazy and we don't know how my allergies would react and faux trees are soooo easy. Now I just have to decide what color ornaments I want...

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