Friday, December 10, 2010

In pain!

The past two days the MIL and I have been polyurethane-ing the floors. (Oh my gosh, we are thisclose to moving in!) And it has been tense, tiring, smelly, and painful work. I absolutely see why everyone recommends hiring professionals to do these jobs. If we are ever faced with bad hardwoods floors again I'm either buying a different house or hiring someone just to sand the floors. We noticed yesterday that I am apparently a terrible sander. The hallway had four distinct circles from the big orbital sander, and the study has lines from my OCD sanding. I thought it would be more efficient! Oh well. I'll have to remember to take pictures to show what NOT to do!

Yesterday we put the first coat on, and boy is it pretty! And thankfully, very forgiving, seeing as the circles from the professionals are hardly noticeable now. Today was sanding the bubbles out, tackcloth the dust, and second layer. And I have to brag for a moment, because one of the rooms I polyed (polied? poly-ed?) had *maybe* five bubbles. Hey, if there's one thing I know, it's how to create a dust free environment!

So tomorrow should be the last sanding and last coating, then wait three days and move in! Well, not exactly. I figured Wednesday should be our move-in date, but we'll be on our way to Mississippi to visit my family for Christmas then. Although I could move some items in while I wait for Ben to get out of work. We've only got about ten boxes of stuff to our names currently, so moving in should take about an hour total. But the fella we bought the poly from said it takes 30 days for the floor to completely cure, so no sliding furniture around. Which lead to some interesting questions between Ben and I about what constitutes as sliding:
  • What if someone misses sitting on the couch and moves it, will there be a sliding mark and a butt mark?

  • What if zombies visit? (They drag their feet you know.)

  • What about Foster's super long toenails?

  • What if we feel the sudden urge to create an indoor Slip'n'Slide?

No, come back next month!

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