Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I was dusting the walls of our bedroom when...

the power went out. And not just in our house, or our block, but the entire city went out. Which could be pretty bad considering it should be in the 20s tonight, and Tennesseans have no idea what to do when traffic lights are out. Thankfully I've heard everything's back on, but man was it scary! First of all, I really am afraid of the dark. And it was soooo dark and quiet. I went from one second of dusting away and blasting the radio, to the next second...nothing. For a moment there I thought I had!

Well, we've finally finished sanding the floor, and now we're on to cleaning EVERYTHING so the poly will look nice and not have any issues. Here's hoping...

PS- I have to brag that Ben got to meet Dan Uggla tonight in his store. And wasn't too starstruck to welcome him to the Braves. So jealous!

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