Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yowza what a year!

I just looked at back at some of my previous posts and it shocks me how much happens in a year. Especially when I feel kinda bored most of the time! And I'm disappointed I didn't show y'all a picture of how overgrown our veggie garden got.... whoa!

Now imagine all that twine covered with vines and dragging those poles to the ground and you're almost there.
This weekend marks two things for me. First, a Labor Day that I actually have off because it's Labor Day! Second, this first weekend I've had off from everything in about a month and a half? Last weekend, Ben and I went to Destin (pictures soon). Weekend before that was Atlanta for business and fun. And the rest of my time has been eaten up by house stuff, dealing with Foster injuring his eye again, working on the new business, real work and... oh who knows where the time went?

Okay, I may end up with a bunch of little posts today but at least I'll catch this thing up with the present! But right now I've got to get ready to meet a customer...

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