Saturday, July 2, 2011

When it rains, it pours. Part two.

This past month's absence is brought to you by...smoking. Not that I smoke, my mother does, or did until about month ago. I get a text one Friday night from my sister just saying "Mom's in the hospital." I  couldn't make the trip down to Meridian that week because of work, but came down the next weekend only to find out Mom had pneumonia, an abnormal heart rate that almost killed her, low blood count and severe anemia. I knew she wasn't the healthiest person, but I was shocked with how bad it had gotten. Luckily, she's out of the hospital and pulling through. Also, luckily this scared the bejeebus out of her and convinced her she needed to kick the habit for good! I'm so proud she's gone a month yesterday without a cigarette!

When I could finally make it back home after making sure my mother was going to be alright and taken care of, Ben's mother went in for her first chemo treatment. It went well and so far, so good. She went ahead and got her hair shaved off in preparation of losing it, but....she hasn't lost it yet. Which she finds rather funny.

This past week was spent working at real jobs, working at upcoming jobs (we hope), trying to tame my beast of a vegetable garden, and helping out the in-laws. MIL was just told she can't leave the house unless it's necessary because of a low white blood cell count and FIL is also at home with a broken foot. So...I'm exhausted. And really need to catch up on my blogging!

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