Monday, April 25, 2011

Fuse box solution....temporarily.

When we were doing the heavy work on our house, my husband was adamant that the wood paneling in the study had to go. Fine with me, growing up in a log cabin has made me despise wood in almost all forms. Welllll, turns out when we were hanging the sheetrock, we had solved all potential problems except the fuse box. For the past couple of months there's just been a hole and I couldn't for the life of me figure ou what to do with it. 

I was planning to put up trim and a door like the previous owners had, except there wasn't wood behind all the sheetrock around the box and I hadn't found something light and sturdy enough for the spot. I've seen plenty of blog posts about people hanging pictures over their fuse boxes to hide them, and some that put hinges to allow easy access. The only problem I kept finding was that, what if someone needs to find the fuse box in a hurry and isn't familiar with your house, like a fireman?

It may not be the most obvious picture I could've put on there, but it does the trick. I found a picture of some vintage fuses (like what's found in our box...eek!) and decoupaged them on a canvas. I would've preferred having the picture printed on a canvas for a better quality picture, but I'm not willing to spend $70 on a temporary fix. Anyhoo, added  a couple of hinges and a magnet, and...

I figure this will work fine until we can have the box changed to a breaker box, and I'm hoping when that happens we can get a real cover put in that's flush with the wall. But I kinda love this until then.

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