Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little plumbing and a lot of water.

Since acquiring my new job (and being flat broke for a moment there), the house renovations have slowed dramatically! So now I'm trying to focus a little more on the things that NEED to be done, instead of what we want to do. First up was going to be the extra bathroom that is pretty much useless at the moment...that is until all of the plumbing under the sink came off in one piece. This weekend was then used to figure out what went where and just what is plumbing supposed to look like under there?

A few moments before it all came crashing down.
PS- I never knew we had a water filtration system whose filter expired a year ago...oy!
I have never done any plumbing work, I know nothing at all about plumbing, and when I know nothing I get nervous and start googling the hell out of the subject. Okay, so what does everyone else's sink plumbing look like? 
The closest I could find to our setup...

Okay, okay...but ours drains into the floor. Is that okay? Should we have two different types of pipe? Am I getting lead poisoning from the metal one? Should I buy new pipes? Or just these gasket thingies I'm finding everywhere? Well, I manage to find one guy's account of changing out his neighbors plumbing and he mentions that at Home Depot you can buy an undersink kit. Perfect! Head over to HD, nothing. Try Lowe's and almost didn't find anything until...
Oh thank goodness! And there was even one for drains that go to the floor instead out the back! I hate that I spent $30 on the thing when it probably would've been cheaper just to buy the parts I needed and not have all this extra. But, I didn't have any idea what I was doing and it is an old house, and if I ever need to replace something else for that sink I've already got the parts. Anyhoo, back home I put it all together with no help from the poorly-written instructions. (Like I can tell which part is the tailpiece?!) And now...

 In the future, I'll try to remove that useless water filter, trim down the filler around the other pipes, and replace the paper. But for now, I'm just glad I can do the dishes. By the way, as to the "a lot of water" I wasn't talking about the leaking from the sink, I was talking about this...

Our mini flash flood yesterday.

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